(article by Stella Barrow and Patti Webb)

Ron Atwood, renowned wildlife artist, generously donated a ONE OF A KIND print, titled “Mossy Break” to the Greater Caddo Lake Association. The beautifully-framed print, #6 of 100, is made uniquely valuable by the addition of Don Henley’s signature on the back side of the print. Henley (of The Eagles), is a staunch supporter of Caddo Lake and the Caddo Biocontrol Alliance, and he and Atwood requested that all proceeds from the sale of this print be directed to the Caddo Biocontrol Alliance Morley Hudson Weevil Greenhouse.

Late September and early October were spent writing grants, getting the greenhouse operating, and preparing for the first release. The release on September 12th was very successful, considering it was a land release (much more difficult) and the system-including the volunteers-had not been tried before. Despite a few glitches, 72 totes of weevil-infested salvinia (WIS) were deployed in Willowson Woodyard, and the greenhouse restocked with fresh salvinia (in the same totes) in about 5 hours. Some tweaking still needs to be done, but this is without question a feather in everybody’s cap.

This video addresses how the Greater Caddo Lake Association of Texas and the Caddo Lake Institute are working to control the invasive aquatic plant giant salvinia by growing salvinia weevils at Caddo Lake.

Learn about weevils and how they can effectively control giant salvinia on Caddo Lake.

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