Longview News Journal: Thursday, January 23, 2014

Giant salvinia is choking the lakes of East Texas. Plug “giant salvinia” into the mapping tool at texasinvasives.org and it shows 42 reported instances of the aquatic weed in Texas bodies of water, with all but one of those east of Huntsville.

Daren Horton, President, Greater Caddo Lake Association of Texas

Because of the contributions and support of the citizens of Harrison County and people who support the Caddo Lake community, we would like to share how the funds raised at our annual Bar-B-Q have spawned an answer for the Salvinia control effort on Caddo Lake.

By Lee Eisenberg

Giant salvinia is an invasive aquatic weed with an explosive growth rate that enables it to out compete native plants and form large floating mats. Under these mats, the lack of sunlight and oxygen create conditions that can kill phytoplankton (the base of the food chain), as well as most fish.

By Daren Horton

If you read the paper, listen to the radio, watch television, look at Facebook or have conversations with your neighbors, you have most likely heard about the invasive plant, Giant Salvinia that is attacking Caddo Lake. I am proud to say that my neighbors have done a fantastic job of bringing the situation to the attention of anyone that loves the lake, has visited the lake or has a free minute to listen.

Greater Caddo Lake Association of Texas

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Karnack, TX 75661