• Mark your calendars for the annual BBQ Fundraiser for August 31. We begin serving plates around 11 am. We typically run out in a few hours so come get your plate early. We will have tables set up for your dining pleasure or feel free to take your plate to go. We also will have a raffle table set up. Raffle tickets will be on sale 3 for $25 or 10 for $100. Ticket sales will be online soon and can also be purchased at the event. See you there!¬†

  • William T. Echols,¬†President, GCLA of TX

    Unless adequate controls are established, Giant Salvinia could well spell the end of Caddo Lake as we know it. I know of no other issue past or present which has the potential to do as much damage to our lake. It is here, it is not going away and the infestation will continue to expand. We need a long term solution to controlling this very aggressive plant.

  • By Lee Eisenberg

    Giant salvinia is an invasive aquatic weed with an explosive growth rate that enables it to out compete native plants and form large floating mats. Under these mats, the lack of sunlight and oxygen create conditions that can kill phytoplankton (the base of the food chain), as well as most fish.

  • Daren Horton, President, Greater Caddo Lake Association of Texas

    Because of the contributions and support of the citizens of Harrison County and people who support the Caddo Lake community, we would like to share how the funds raised at our annual Bar-B-Q have spawned an answer for the Salvinia control effort on Caddo Lake.

  • In August, 2013, Ted and Stella Barrow of Caddo Lake made the first of (hopefully) many weevil-stocking trips to south Louisiana, where they harvested Giant Salvinia containing the salvinia-eating weevil. With only a handful of volunteers, they harvested the weevils,loaded them into 35 totes, and transported them safely through the night to a new home on Caddo, where they are happily eating through local salvinia at a pleasing rate.

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