The Greater Caddo Lake Association of Texas is proud to announce the grand opening of the first high production Giant Salvinia Greenhouse in the world. We have completed the first phase of our goal to develop a BioControl based Giant Salvinia management program for Caddo Lake.

In the past week we have finished the construction of the greenhouse and started raising weevils in the salvinia tanks.

On Wednesday August 20, 2014 at 10:00 A.M. we will have a grand opening ceremony that will be open to the public. Attendees will be able to tour the greenhouse. We expect state and local officials along with representatives from the Caddo Lake Institute, Texas Parks and Wildlife, United States Fish and Wildlife Services, Interagency Giant Salvinia Control Team and all the local entities and citizens who have helped make the project a success.

A significant donation has been made by the family of the late Morley Hudson, and we are proud to name the Greenhouse after the local man who loved the lake, and lived for many years on Pine Island Pond.

I would like to give special recognition to our “Salvinia Action Committee” members. Ted Barrow is managing the job site and all related matters. Stella Barrow and Jan Cook are managing public relation efforts, such as Facebook and website content. They have also coordinated town meetings held in Jefferson and Marshall as well as our benefit concert. Doug Parker has managed our finances and the formation of a new 501c3, (Caddo BioControl Alliance), to manage the project going forward. Robert Speight has helped with greenhouse design and grant application paperwork. Patti Webb has been a member of the “Action Committee” and helped whenever called upon. Special thanks also go out to Lee Eisenberg of Texas A&M for consultations with us on all Weevil related matters. This facility is born of Lee’s experience at several different weevil facilities and without Lee’s knowledge our goal would not have been attainable. Lee Eisenberg will become the contractor for the Greater Caddo Lake Association of Texas this month and will be the lead scientist at the facility.

Lee Eisenberg wrote about our goal in the latest GCLA newsletter; “And a worthy goal it is! With our floor plan, we will be able to produce a large number of salvinia weevils and get them out on the lake early in the growing season. By carefully selecting release sites, we will be able to document just how effective our approach is, and generate the kind of support we need to make this effort a sustainable one. Until that time, we all need to think about what we can do to keep the project going for 1 1/2 to 2 years. In the meanwhile, we have good reason to feel confident. In addition to what we have already achieved, there are some promising partnerships on the horizon and a deep desire to help by those who love the lake”.

GCLA has ‘tunnel vision’ on our goal of releasing as many weevils on the lake, as soon as possible, to stop the attack being carried out by the “world’s most aggressive weed”. We are extremely grateful to our members and all the entities, companies, and individuals who have given their money, time, sweat, and prayers to make our vision a reality. We will continue to work diligently to protect our treasured Caddo Lake. In the meantime, all who love the lake are welcome to come celebrate at our grand opening.

Daren Horton
President Greater Caddo Lake Association of Texas

Greater Caddo Lake Association of Texas

P.O. Box 339
Karnack, TX 75661